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Hoffenheim 1899 – Liverpool Prediction 15 August 2017


Hoffenheim and Liverpool will play their first match within the play-offs of the Champions League qualification of the started season. The fourth team of Germany will fight against the fourth team of England. The British have a stronger team squad and experience on their side, but the Germans will have the domestic field factor and native supporters. Bookmakers have set Liverpool as slight favorites in the couple, Klopp’s team knows how to play well away, therefore one can agree with such action line in general.

Hoffenheim have already managed to play one German Cup match against Rot-Weiss Erfurt team at the moment. The match was held on the opponent’s field and brought the Villagers a victory with a result of 1:0. It is hard to say after this game, how ready Hoffenheim are for the confrontation against the powerful Pelicans.

Not only stronger squad and knowing how to play away may be regarded as Liverpool’s advantages, but Klopp as well, who knows German teams very well, including Hoffenheim. Liverpool have already managed to play one official match within the first round of the EPL. The game was held on Watford stadium and brought a 3:3 draw. Liverpool were losing during the course of the match, managed to equalize and come ahead in the encounter, but conceded a goal at the very end of the match.

Liverpool have shown great attacking skills in the first game of the season already, the team scored three goals in Watford’s net. Hoffe lost a few crucial footballers during the midseason, therefore one might say about the team’s weakening at this moment of the season. A bet on Liverpool looks like a decent option.

Prediction for the match: Liverpool to win with 0.0 Asian handicap