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Lazio – Napoli Prediction 9 April 2017


The central match of the 31st round of the Italian Serie A will be an encounter between the Roman team Lazio and Napoli. The future competitors are the contenders in fighting for the Champions League zone. The Neapolitans have a small point advantage, but the possible victory of the Eagles in the upcoming game will minimize the gap to one point.

The Roman team is having a powerful season. Indzaghi has done some great job, but it is still too early to relax. Everything difficult and important is still ahead – the fight for the top three. Lazio currently have 60 points in the asset and the fourth position in the tournament table and the Eagles have managed to get ten victories in fifteen matches. This is one of the best results in the league.

Napoli, in their turn, are the best away team in Serie A this season. The Neapolitans currently have gained 30 points in away games, even Juventus have one point less. Within four last matches, Napoli has managed to get three victories over Crotone, Empoli and Juventus and also have a draw 1:1 with the Zebras again. There is no way Napoli can lose, as the third place in the league will be seriously questionable.

Lazio and Napoli are teams of approximately the same level. The Eagles will have the field factor by their side, but Partenopei have bigger tournament experience. Napoli play very powerfully this season, which should probably help Sarri’s team to get some points with a strong competitors on the upcoming Sunday.

Prediction for the match: Napoli not to lose.