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Leicester – Liverpool Prediction 27 February 2017


Leicester have lost five matches in a row without scoring any goals in 2017 and earnestly descend to the relegation zone. The discourse about such a remarkable degradation of the current champions of England can be very long, but we will emphasize the main reasons.

They’ve stopped scoring. One goal in eight matches, is it normal? Vardy, their main hope, had left the field without a goal in 17 out of 18 Premier League matches. Ranieri’s champion tactics doesn’t work anymore. Competitors have learned to counteract it.

Defenders play terribly. Huth and Morgan are probably the worst central defenders in the current season. If one year ago they were superheroes, constraining any onset with their mighty shoulders, today they look like a pair of heavyweight sacks, who mistook a ring for football field. Leicester play from a deep defense, however, this defense is bursting at seams. Competitors easily unwind the Foxes and score.

There is no fighting spirit and passion. Probably, the only exception is a 4:2 win over Man City, when there was a spark of that golden Leicester. But that was back in the beginning of December… Within the las two months there were multiple conflicts in a locker room, many footballers had disagreements with the manager. Such a humble squad must die on the pitch and fight for each other to win. Leicester stopped doing that.

The lack of dedication and organization in defense means death, when you play against selfless and swift Liverpool. The men from Merseyside defeated Tottenham in the last round and the match showed, what Klopp’s team lacked in the beginning of 2017. Whom, to be exact. Mane is the main producer of goals for Liverpool this season (11+4) had a double and was very useful in general. With his explosive sprint and constant movement, he confused even reinforced defense of the Spurs. Leicester here concede in packs.

Liverpool will probably start winning. Klopp’s team had too long of a losing streak. Mane is back and the team has a lot of time to prepare. It’s harder for Leicester – they had the most difficult match in the Champions League against Sevilla (which they lost again, by the way). It will be the third match for Liverpool in February and sixth for Leicester. The difference is colossal.

Liverpool are the record-breakers of the EPL on a number of away victories over acting champions (8). They will probably add another one to the number. Leicester, in their turn, will be the first acting champions in almost ninety years, who would have lost six EPL matches in a row. The Scousers beat the Foxes in the first half of the season surprisingly easy (4:1, leading 2:0 in half an hour) and they will probably won’t fail this time as well.

Prediction for the match: Liverpool to win.