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Milan – Roma Prediction 1 October 2017


The central match of the seventh round of the Italian Serie A will be an encounter between Milan and Roma, which will be held on the upcoming Sunday at the Milanese team’s field. Bookmakers have set equal action line in the couple and one may partially agree with such position of the “all-knowing”, Roma look stronger, than their future opponents, but the field factor may neutralize the advantage.

Milan managed to win only thrice within the last five games, the losses happened against Lazio, 1:4, and Sampa, 0:2. Rossoneri management isn’t happy with such results and they wouldn’t mind firing Montella. Especially now, when Ancelotti left Bayern due to poor results of the German Machine at the start. Milan desperately need a victory over the Wolves, but it is extremely hard to work in these conditions.

Roma have also managed to lose to Inter 1:3 at their home ground, couldn’t win against Atletico in the Champions League, having a draw with the team 0:0, whereas nobody is firing Di Francesco for now. The team plays fine under the new manager, four victories within the last four games, including two away wins over Benevento, 4:0, and Qarabag, 2:1. The Romans are situated on the fifth position in Serie A tournament table, one point away from Lazio and the Champions League zone.

Roma are going to Milan after some points, the Flew to a far country of Azerbaijan during mid-week, but Milan also played their match against Rieka in the UEL a day later, so the future opponents are equal by fitness. Visually, it seems that Barcelona are in a better shape, therefore a bet on the guests looks fine.

Prediction for the match: Roma not to lose