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How To Ride A Skateboard

How To Ride A Skateboard

Skate Gear
* A sturdy well made skate board
* Skate shoes- These usually have flat soles
* Knee pads in case of falls
* Helmet – This is essential because when you are learning to skate board there will be falls.
* Wrist guards – To help prevent fractures but do get in the habit of doing body rolls instead of always landing on your wrists.

First Step – Standing
Place you skate board on either grass or the carpet in your room. Stand on it with both feet. Practice getting on and off of it.

Second Step -Skateboard Stance
Standing on the skate board you either put your left foot forward or your right foot. Most people use the left foot on the board far forward above the wheels. Then right foot is used to push the skate board along.

Third Step – Pushing
Now its time to go to an empty parking lot and practice getting on and off the skate board. Try the left foot over the wheels on the board and the right one to move you along. This is what most people use. Practice rolling the board and starting it to move again. Put both feet on the skateboard and let it coast along. Then when it slows down push again with your foot. Practice this alot until you are comfortable with it.

Fourth Step – Turning
There is more than one way to make turns. One way is to lean in the direction that you wish to go. This is a slower way of turning but does work. The other way of turning is to balance on the back wheels and turn the front wheels in the direction you wish to go.

With much practice you can do this quickly in a fast kick turn. This improves your performance especially on slopes or flows which are gradual descents. Do remember to keep your knees bent doing this and do not hunch your shoulders.

Fifth Step – How to Stop
Some skate boarders drag their heels off of the back of the skate board to stop. This will work but there is also another way. This other way is called foot breaking. You can use your back foot and drag it on the ground next to the board. It is very effective in stopping the motion of the board.

Sixth Step – Carving
If you wish to do sharper turns this is called carving. As you gain more experience you will use this technique a lot. When you lean to turn put weight on your heels. Bend your knees and the more weight you put on your heels the sharper the turn.

Seventh Step – Going Down Slopes
When skateboarding down slopes or flow always keep your weight on your front foot. Do not tense up this is very important. You can do this with time.