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USA vs Mexico Prediction 12 November 2016

On November 12 2016 at 00:45 in the upcoming game of the fifth round of the World Cup qualification among the Central and North America countries USA national team play against Mexico national team.

United States national team made it to the final part of the World Cup 8 times in their history. They once made it to the semifinal, lost it and won the game for the bronze medals and that was their greatest achievement in the history. At the previous World Cup in 2014 US made it to the 1/8 and were kicked-off after that. At the current qualifiers stage United States will have to compete for making it to the final part of the international forum with Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama.

As for Mexico national team, they usually make it to the final part of the World Cups. Their greatest achievement was making it to the quarterfinal and it happened twice in their history. We must admit that both times they did it at the World Cups they hosted. It’s also important that in the period from 1994 till 2014 Mexico managed to make it to the play-offs and were kicked-off from it in the 1/8th. On the previous stage of the current qualifiers Mexico didn’t lose a single game and made it to the current stage from the first place in their group.

In the latest games between the teams US have more victories, in fact. Last time they met in October last year in the final of the CONCACAF Cup and Mexico won in the end. USA won most of the games against Mexico played on their home ground. Anyway, we think that both teams will score in the upcoming game.

Prediction for the match: both teams to score.