USC Baseball — Standing By Pitcher … In Sex Tape Lawsuit

USC Baseball — Standing By Pitcher … In Sex Tape Lawsuit

The University of Southern California is station behind one of their ball players who was sued by a lady in a sex fasten lawsuit … TMZ Sportshas learned.

The prosecution — a former USC tyro — filed a lawsuit opposite Vahn Bozoian, Sean Adler and Marc Huberman … claiming they all had a palm in recording and distributing a sex fasten that was available but her knowledge.

In a suit, a lady claims a footage — that featured her carrying sex Bozoian — was screened for a USC ball group and other students in Mar 2013 … and it busted her life.

The lady claims Adler is a one who personally available a video, in cahoots with Bozoian. She claims Adler afterwards sent a footage to Huberman.

Bozoian and Adler have given been kicked off a ball group — and Bozoian has given left a school.

As distant as Huberman goes … a high turn USC source tells us, “We investigated. The box involves 3 people. There’s a reason 2 of them are not on a ball group anymore.”

We asked if USC believes Huberman did anything crude — to that a source told us, “There’s a reason he’s a usually one on a team.”