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Atletico – Real Madrid Prediction 10 May 2017


On the upcoming Wednesday, the second semifinal match of the Champions League between Atletico and Real, i.e. the Madrid derby will be held. Real have practically solved the problem of getting into the Champions League final in the first match, defeating competitors with a score of 3:0. Now Simeone’s team has a good opportunity to at least take revenge for that loss, if not to win.

Atletico are fighting on two fronts. The Mattressers are fighting with Sevilla in Primera for the third place in the table and it seems like they’re going to defeat their competitors, while everything is much more difficult in the UCL, as recouping a three-goal handicap against Real is an incredible task for any team in the world. But despite of all the difficulty of the situation, one may not doubt, that the Athletes will do everything possible to win.

Real are also fighting on two fronts, but unlike Atletico, which are fighting for top-three, Real are fighting with Barca for the championship title of Spain. Blancos currently have 84 points in the asset, the same as the Catalonians, but Zidan’s team have one match in reserve. It should also be noted, that after the Madrid derby, Real will host Sevilla at Bernabeu, which are currently very motivated.

Atletico have practically solved the problem of getting into Top-3, therefore the team may fully concentrate on the upcoming UCL match against Real. The Mattressers may defeat anyone at their home ground, even Real and Barca, therefore the Athletes’ victory will not be something surprising in the upcoming game. Besides, one should not forget, that not everything is clear for Real in Primera. Zidan’s team will try to preserve some energy for Sevilla.

Prediction for the match: Atletico not to lose.