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Juventus – Monaco Prediction 9 May 2017


On the upcoming Tuesday, Juventus from Turin will host Monaco at their home ground. Bothe teams are on a very tight schedule, but as they say: you’ve got to fight until the end. If there is a desire to play in the Champions League final, you have to go and participate in such schedule. According to bookmakers, Juventus are approaching the match in the status of favorites, but the match against Torino has proven, that not everything is smooth and the Turinians have problems.

Juventus did not lose to Torino, at the very end of the match Higuain eventually brought a draw to the Zebras, but this is their first domestic draw in the Serie A season, and there were only victories before that. Juventus used many reserve players  against the Bulls, Allegri let a number of players rest and there is special set against Monaco.

Jardim is currently thinking about how to build a game against Juve, as the teams will start with a score of 0:2 and on the competitor’s field. The Monegasques will have to open up, go forward big time, and that is not exactly their kind of game, therefore bookmakers have given such a derogatory line for the Red-and-Whites. But there is still faith in Jardim and his men, the Monegasques defeated Borussia away 3:2 one time, maybe they can defeat Juve?

Monaco perform decently away, even at the UCL level. Juventus, in their turn,  are after a very difficult match against Torino, which required a huge amount of energy. The upcoming match will probably be last for the Monegasques in the UCL this season, it has to be played with quality, in case they manage to advance to the final of this European tournament.

Prediction for the match: Monaco to win with +1.5 Asian handicap.