How To Do Hurdle Drills

How To Do Hurdle Drills

Hurdles are a part of track and field events all over the US from high schools to college events. You may be in track and field events yourself and want to know how to perform hurdle drills to help you improve your hurdle race time. Well, today you can improve your hurdles with these easy steps.

Hurdle Drill Exercises

These three drill exercises are important because they provide core strength, gluteus maximus muscle strength, and coordination. The first time you practice this drill exercises your hips are going to be pretty sore so take your time first to stretch and then slowly work on these drills till you can increase your workout time and speed.

Forward Hurdle Walkovers: You will want to have about 10 to 15 hurdles that are 2 feet apart from each other but the hurdles will want to be pushed together and their stands will be around 2 feet apart. You will want to pick up your right leg as high as it can go to achieve reaching over the hurdle and place it close to the next hurdle while reaching your other leg over. Remembering to keep your knees bent and high and the stomach muscles tight. You will want to start with one leg at a time, and when you get more comfortable you can alternate legs. You will want to repeat this step for all of the hurdles.
Backward Hurdle Walkovers: Again you will want to have 10 to 15 hurdles that are 2 feet apart from one another. You will want to start by extending the leg behind and reaching back to position yourself close to the next hurdle. The key you want to do is to keep your feet facing forwards while keeping your balance. You will want to repeat these steps while going over all of the hurdles.
Middle hurdles with Skip Step: With your 10 to 15 hurdles lined up you will want to be facing the side of the hurdles. With a skip in your step, you will want to place one leg over the hurdle while keeping the balls of your feet flat on the ground. You will want to swing your arms to help bring on your knees high to bring your legs over the hurdle while side stepping. As a note, you may want to try to get into a rhythm while you are side stepping to make this exercise easier. Repeat side steps till you finish the exercise.


With these three hurdle exercise drills, you should get the hang of these exercises fairly quick, and you should be able to improve your core strength and agility over time. These exercises can be tricky at first, so it is recommended to start slow and work your way through each drill moving a bit faster each time. Hurdles are an important part of track and field, and part of the sport is to make sure you have fun in the process.